Since 1957
Age Old

Even though the Rosendall name goes back to the early 1900's for waste removal, it wasn't until 1957 that Henry A. Rosendall established the first consolidated company, Rosendall Disposal. Fifteen years later, Henry F. Rosendall (Fred) took over the family business and purchased the first compactor truck for the company. This is the truck that we all associate with waste removal. In 1989, Fred sold the family business to a partnership, including Henry R. Rosendall. Henry R. later purchased the company in its entirety and added eight more trucks. Today, Rosendall Disposal is owned and operated by Henry R. and Dean Rosendall.

If not disposed of properly, waste can have a severely negative impact on our environment and our communities. This family-owned and operated business has one goal, to serve our community by assuring that it will remain beautiful and safe for generations to come by responsibly disposing of waste and recycling reusable materials.

Some of Grand Rapids' oldest businesses have relied on Rosendall Disposal to take care of their waste removal.  5/3rd Bank, formerly Old Kent Bank, has been a loyal customer since 1957.  Another company that hired Rosendall that same year was The Grand Rapids Press.  Both businesses have an extensive amount of material that needs to be responsibly removed and Rosendall has lived up to its promise to be a safe and eco-friendly waste removal system.